Replacing a filler neck on a 2015 Ford Edge

Replacing a filler neck on a 2015 Ford Edge. As you can see from the picture below that there are two flaps where the gas nozzle goes into. The first flap has been taken off only showing the second flap, but a common issue is that if you insert the gas nozzle to hard it will break the inside flap causing a check engine light and a rough start after pumping gas. The reason for the check engine light to come on and the vehicle to run rough is that the vehicle doesn’t create the proper vacuum allowing too much air to get into the intake causing the vehicle to run lean. When a vehicle is running lean it means too much air is getting to the engine and not enough gas causing the vehicle to idol and drive rough. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment please call us at (410)-730-3839.