June 19, 2014

Rob from Ellicott city had his Mazda cx9 in for a water leak and lack of air conditioning. Found Ac box full of water and leaking into the passenger compartment. The box sits behind the center console. Once we cleared the drain, you can see how much water was in it on the last picture.


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June 11, 2014

wheel lost the battle with Baltimore's pot hole. Luckily there was no suspension damage



90 degrees

Hard to believe it was only 3 months ago!

Manufacturer Recommended Services

May 30, 2014

Joe from Sykesville has his 2007 Lexus es350 in for its 90k service. It's all cleaned up and ready for many more miles!!!


Columbia Maryland Automotive Repairs

Kristy from Columbia was hit in the rear bumper of her 2013 honda accord. For some odd reason the air bags went off. The side air curtain and seat bag went off. As you can see Adam Langmead has to dis assemble the seat in order to replace the seat frame and back cover. The headliner will also need replacement. All this for the minor bump in the rear. Even kristy's insurance company is baffled by the damage. 

columbiabumpercolumbiabumper2columbiabumper3 columbiabumper4  

Brake Repairs Burtonsville MD

John from Burtonsville is in with his 2006 Acura TL. The car is getting front and rear brakes with premium pads that leave little to no brake dust on his wheels.


Truck and Fleet Repairs Columbia Maryland

Elite Tents and Events, one of our regular customers, had the work truck in for regular maintenance. They need to be prepared for this weekends Wine in the Woods. They do a great job with your party needs. You can contract them at: 410-795-8368.

truck1 truck2