Check Engine Light Diagnostic – Baltimore MD

Stephen from Baltimore has his 2003 Hyundai Elantra in with a check engine light flashing. Adam Langmead replaced the plugs, wires , and coil pack to correct the problem. This Elantra has 285000 miles!!!!!


Jeep Brake Repair Work – Columbia MD

Dave from Washington, D.C., has 2008 jeep wrangler in for brakes. His rear brakes went to far. As you see in the 2nd picture, brake fluid is leaking from the caliper. The 3rd picture shows the caliper piston all the way out and the inboard pad is gone.

91914-191914-2 91914-3


Rob from Ellicott city had his Mazda cx9 in for a water leak and lack of air conditioning. Found Ac box full of water and leaking into the passenger compartment. The box sits behind the center console. Once we cleared the drain, you can see how much water was in it on the last picture.


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90 degrees

Hard to believe it was only 3 months ago!